The Problem

A Need for Common Standards

Due to the substantial growth of wirelessly-connected automated teller machines (ATMs), the need for standards in security, connectivity, and stability has likewise grown.

Members of the ATM Connectivity Coalition (ATMCC) recognize that by cooperating to develop common standards we can provide greater service to our customers. This reduces strategic risk to participants and fosters an environment where all can thrive.

The Solution

The mission of the coalition is to advance, protect, and promote secure connectivity solutions for the financial transactions industry through education, establishment of standards, and advocacy.

The ATM Connectivity Coalition addresses the need of developing common standards, providing self regulation to this important industry. Members of the ATMCC are careful to protect their proprietary information such as technology and price strategy, while cooperating on common noncompetitive issues. These include many topics, such as uptime standards, outage response, and others.

The Participants

Who We Are

Founding organizations for the ATM Connectivity Coalition include leading providers of wireless services to the ATM market.

Participants include Contour Networks, The DPL Group, and OptConnect. As the work of the Coalition continues, members expect to engage with hardware manufacturers, wireless network providers, and others.


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